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Heilongjiang Applied Technology School has carried out the reform of teaching mode continuously, and all majors have implemented the integrated teaching mode of science and practice。And with the continuous deepening of teaching reform, the advantages of the integration of science and practice in teaching continue to appear。

1. Analysis of the characteristics and current situation of secondary vocational students

The biggest feature of secondary vocational students is their weak cultural foundation and relatively poor ability in logical thinking and abstract thinking, etc. If they are only taught with traditional teaching methods, they will only have an aversion to learning。However, a common advantage of secondary vocational students is that they have a strong qualitative imitation ability and understanding ability, as long as it is tangible or visible things can be accepted in a very short time。In view of this advantage of secondary vocational students, some qualitative things can be explained more in the teaching process to help students master and understand more about the basic performance of professional skills and practical characteristics, so that students can master excellent skills and better adapt to the needs of the post and society。

2. The deficiency of traditional teaching method in the teaching of professional skills

(1) Disconnect between teaching and environment

When using the traditional teaching method to teach the subject,The theoretical part of learning is too abstract,It is difficult to combine with the practical part;It is difficult for students to arouse their desire and interest in learning from boring learning content;The theoretical part of the study is sometimes too blind,Lack of teaching focus;In the practice department, teachers only pay attention to the operational training of practice,The theory teaching department and the practice teaching department caused a serious disconnect。

(2) Disconnection between theory and practice

In the traditional teaching, the professional skill course is carried out independently according to the two parts of the theory part and the practice part。In terms of the teaching system, the teaching of these two parts is self-contained and cannot interfere with each other。

Second, the advantages of integrated teaching

The integration of theory and practice is an integrated teaching mode。In the course of Professional skills, in order to realize the integration of theory and practice, we can design, manufacture and analyze real products, and then have a grasp of the theoretical knowledge and operational skills as a whole。

Third, the division of teaching stages of the integration of science and practice

(1) Preparation stage

In the implementation of this teaching mode, teachers need to put forward some targeted questions for the items to be taught before class, and arrange the contents for students to preview before class, so that students can have a general understanding of the content before class。

(2) Security check stage

Because students learn professional skills, practical training will come into contact with some dangerous training equipment, so the first thing we should do is to ensure the safety of students。It is not only necessary to pay attention to safety education, but also to enable students to master the norms of safe operation, and then develop a good career habit。It is very important to conduct comprehensive security checks, so that there can be no security risks in the practice site。

(3) Theoretical stage

In this stage of learning, the teacher clearly pointed out the tasks and objectives of this project, and analyzed the key points and difficulties;Some related theories, key points and operation steps are introduced.Students should also be required to adhere to a rigorous, scientific and realistic learning attitude in the learning process。The content is best to use multimedia teaching to improve the teaching effect。

(4) Practice stage

This stage is the key stage, the teacher provides a sample for students to imitate, and uses the advanced means of multimedia projection to help students to see clearly。If not, the form of grouping can also be adopted. First, the teacher will demonstrate and give guidance to the group leader to make him understand the key and difficult points. Then the group leader will demonstrate and help the group members to practice。Teachers should answer the problems in students' practice at any time to help students better practice。

(5) Feedback stage

Teachers must give timely feedback to students' practice, and at the same time discuss and summarize it, and finally draw a conclusion。Teachers need to give a reasonable explanation for some links that differ from the theory。Help students understand what problems exist in the operation process, and guide them to analyze and solve the existing problems by themselves, and finally improve their ability to analyze and solve problems。

To sum up,The traditional teaching mode of disconnection between theory and practice should be abandoned in the teaching of professional skills for secondary vocational students,Instead, we should use the teaching mode of integration of theory and practice,In this way, students can learn in a state full of fun,While mastering theoretical knowledge,Learn to operate with excellent skills。

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